Custom Senior Experience Photography in Charlotte, NC

From Me to You 

If you have been dreaming of your senior pictures for as long as you can remember and you dream of having them shot in a fun, editorial, fashion inspired way in creative locations that reflect your style and make you look and feel like a super model all the while having the time of your life capturing modern & classic, timeless images that will make both you and your parents swoon... then you have definitely come to the right place!

Senior year is a monumental moment in your life's history!  The long anticipated corner that you turn on your journey from adolescence into adulthood and it's meant to be exciting.. emotional and memorable!  You will most likely be leaving home to go to college or into the military or some other path that will demand you leave the wings of your parents and the familiarity of home to start learning about yourself and life out in the big world on your own and in ways that will be all new!  That is why it is so emotional and special and deserves preserving in a way that is equally exciting... memorable and special!

Here at CCp.. you will have a variety of session options to choose from that are custom designed around you, your style and what will be a great fit for your family.  From in person wardrobe styling to professional hair & makeup to amazing locations chosen specifically for the exact look you're going for to a fabulous super model shoot day you will never forget and finally a premier ordering appointment to see and choose from all the fun photos we captured... these are just part of your amazing experience! Then there are the beautiful collections of high quality prints & boutique products that will allow you a variety of choices from high resolution digital image file collections, to high quality prints ... canvas & metal wall art ... custom graduation cards and custom designed heirloom coffee table albums that will display and bring your images to breathtaking life! An unforgettable full circle customized, boutique experience!

Capturing you as who you are now and how you want to be remembered down the road along with creating an exceptional, unique, fun and memorable experience that will add valuable, precious memories & images to this very special milestone in your life is what I love love love and I can't wait to meet you and get started!

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