Meet Charisma



     Hello!  So glad you stopped in for a visit!  Just a little quick something about me and why I love doing what I do! You can also read my wordle above and you’ll have a good idea of who I am as a regular girl on more of a day to day!

     Just in case you were wondering… yes Charisma is actually my real name and considering the meaning of the word itself (one’s charm, magnetism and inner light) I thought what a cool play on words it would be to name my business Capture Charisma because that’s just what I love to do… bring out and capture yours!
     I am a natural light, location photographer based out of Ballantyne in Charlotte NC and work within and all the surrounding areas of Charlotte and beyond.  I studied photojournalism briefly in some college courses but never really got moving with it until later in life when I realized my only child, my son, was growing up and becoming more and more independent and wouldn’t be needing his mama as much as he used to…tears!    He is now a teenager himself and about to graduate from high school too (a 2014 graduate) and I’m so glad I picked back up with my passion 5 years ago because I have now figured out my niche and what I love to shoot the most… YOU and you’re custom, fashion magazine inspired and styled senior pictures! So I now devote most of my time and energy to creating an amazing client experience that goes along with making the most creative, artistic, breathtaking and timeless images for all of my clients that they could possibly dream of and preserving some of their most precious moments and cherished memories for them for generations to come!
     My specialty and true heart’s passion lies with creating custom, artistic and one of a kind teen and senior portrait photoshoots along with modeling portfolios and headshots which you can find right  here  everywhere…  just start clicking on everything and enjoy all the gorgeousness!
     I so love and enjoy spending time with and photographing teenagers!  You inspire me with your love of technology.. art.. music and fashion,  your energy and ideas,  your ideals and your desire to give back and make a difference in our world and our environment!  You motivate me with your dreams and hopeful enthusiasm for the future and your bravery and willingness to get a little adventurous with me sometimes to create those most unique & artistic images that not only ROCK and make jaws drop…  but that also allow you to express and capture yourselves in this most free spirited time of your lives the way YOU want to be seen now and remembered later!  It’s so completely rewarding and totally fun! Thank you so much for that! ~XO~