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Friday Fashionista

Well it’s that time of year again Fashionistas!  School’s out for summer and it’s graduation time for not only my own son but for all of my Class of 2014 senior spokes models and senior clients!  I’m sooo excited to see my son graduate tomorrow and take the next step into the next chapter and adventure of his life… along with all the amazing young women I had the privilege of working with and spending time with this past year through their senior portrait sessions!   Well.. with graduation, also comes lots of graduation celebrations.. parties and open houses that the graduates will be bouncing around too with their new free spirited wings!  Everyone wants to look their best… especially since you know there will be tons and tons of picture taking and facebook and instagram posting!  I put together a Friday Fashionista post adorned with outfits just bursting with juicy color and lively patterns that would make anyone look just gorgeous and certainly command a few second looks from friends and party goers! Just some cute looks to get your ideas rolling but oh the dresses, dresses, and more dresses!  They never go out of style and we are in a time of fashion where you can find just about any type of dress you could imagine… short, long, plain, fancy, patterned, embellished, vintage, modern and glamorous… you name it… you can find it!  Dresses aren’t the only outfits that can be downright adorable… gorgeous or smashing!  Pair a beautiful, colorful blouse with a pair of dressy jeans or shorts with some super cute wedges or pumps… a few accessories and bam… smokin’!  Whatever you decide to wear while out and about celebrating this most incredible event in your young precious lives… please be smart… make healthy and safe choices and enjoy the heck out of yourselves!  You mean so much to so many and you are about to write the next chapter of your story… you’ll want to make it a great one!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to all of you who I’ve worked with this past year.  You have truly touched and blessed my life and I am all the better for knowing each and every one of you!  You have helped me to start writing my new and next chapter and I will be forever greatful!  CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2014!!! fashionista

Friday Fashionista

Hello lovelies!  Happy Friday!  It’s a little bit late in the evening but better fashionably late than never right!  Well the ever elusive “continuous” Spring weather still teases us but that can’t stop us from dreaming about fun outdoor activities.. warm evening breezes and some gorgeous colorful Spring fashions!  It will be so nice to finally put our jackets and sweaters away for good for the season and finally get to wear those lighter fabrics that feel so good!  This week I’m feeling a little “City Chic Magazine Glam” and nothing says city chic like a really well put together classy outfit!  I just swoon over pink too!  It goes so well with just about every other color.. white… black.. yellow… green.. purple.. grey and nearly all the blues (navy.. baby.. turquoise and aqua)!  I’m just loving the black, white and pink combo on this dress ensamble that just screams to be on a gorgeous girl in an editorial shoot!  Can you imagine how you would feel walking around the city and getting your photos taken it this or something similar… Uh.. dare I say “FABULOUS!”  You can even go city glam in the faded jeans look with the right top and jacket dolled up with kick ass shoes and a little bling to accessorize!  I love both these looks and they are definitely something you might want to think about emulating for your “city chic” set of your own shoot!  Happy pink city chic dreams fashionistas!  Until next time!  xoxo   I know some of these prices are a little out of reach for most of us but not always on everything.  They pull clothing pieces from all over to put together a look and this is just a guide to give you ideas.  If you love the look.. it’s easy to find similar things to substitute at a price you can afford.. you just have to shop around!  What girl isn’t good at a little bit of that??   You can find the dress outfit here:

Find the jeans outfit here.  Can you believe the jacket is only $15!


Friday Fashionista!

Happy Friday gorgeous Fashionistas!  So this is my very first fashion post on CCp’s brand new website!  Have you had a look around?  What do you think of it?  I’m really looking forward to getting back to posting some seriously hot and stylish fashion ideas during the different seasons every Friday to hopefully inspire and guide you on what’s fresh, current and fun to wear out and about after a long week of studying, work, sports and other activities!  Whatever it is that keeps you busy… it’s Friday and time to let your hair down… get dressed and have some fun!  It’s the middle of March and while everyone now has a good dose of Spring Fever, it’s been a little elusive and only giving us little teasing tastes here and there so far!  Even though the grass is turning greener and the trees are starting to flower all around us… it’s still not quite shorts & t-shirt weather just yet so I  have chosen some really gorgeous… yet weather permitting outfit ideas for the still chilly evenings that still have plenty of “Spring Flair” and lot’s of yummy color!  Longer colorful skirts with denim jackets and accessories with pops of color are perfect this time of year and you can still squeeze in that little pop of color with a light scarf for the next couple of weeks before it will just be too warm!  Some might say it’s a little early for white jeans but I say if you have them and want to wear them.. they are perfectly “springy” with a cute blouse and of course pops of any color go great with white!  Just loving that Kelly green sweater and shoes to show you’ve got some serious love for fashion and “BA” shoes!  For some reason I have always had a thing for navy blue and Kelly green together… probably because they pair so fabulousy.. right!   Well whatever you choose to wear to be out and about this weekend.. where something you love and looks great and you will feel great!